Opportunities to amaze.

For three generations we have lived each project as a challenge for our heritage of ideas, research and experiences, both technological and human. We believe that the challenge has been won only when we identify that unique, original and personalised solution, capable of exceeding even the highest expectations. This is how we have always gone beyond and continue to improve.

We know only one way to consolidate success: never settle for the results obtained but tackle each new opportunity in real time with the flexibility and innovation necessary to move the limit a little further every day.

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Tonutti Tecniche Grafiche Veduta Stabilimento

A high potential process.

Over 100 people work every day in our factory in Fagagna, with only one goal: to respond in a personalised and successful way to the most diverse labelling needs. Enhancement of human resources and technological evolution are the fundamental components of a dynamic and flexible process, certified, in continuous evolution and transformation, which translates into the creation of 200 million labels per month, destined for sectors as diverse as oenology, beverage, food, cosmetics and the pharmaceutical market.

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Chi Siamo Sostenibilita Economica Organizzazione Lean

Economic sustainability with the Lean Organisation.

Since 2013 we have undertaken a path of Lean Transformation, which involved the company all-round. The lean logic is based on continuous improvement: a succession of actions aimed at perfecting the previous ones with creativity and a spirit of innovation. Mistakes become opportunities for growth and activities that do not create value for the customer, but only costs for the organisation, are eliminated.

Among other actions, we have redefined the layouts with consequent improvement in the management of spaces and machinery, reduced machine set-up times, and have made production processes more efficient. The commitment has turned into economic, commercial, employment and environmental benefits. The result is a significant increase in overall productivity, an increase in quality, reduction in operating costs per unit of turnover generated, an increase in the level of services in terms of time and reliability, reduction in waste, and maintenance of occupational levels.

Environmental sustainability? Tonutti Green.

We have always implemented actions aimed at continuous improvement in terms of business processes, productivity, quality and waste reduction. We have now decided to formalise our commitment by undertaking a sustainability path that testifies our virtuous actions from an economic, environmental and social point of view. Our first Social Report is dated December 2021.

Choosing to follow a sustainable path not only translates into modifying our company organisation based on respect for the environment and people, but also in giving customers the opportunity to choose a green product.

The Tonutti Green brand comes from this awareness, a dragonfly whose wings draw the veins of leaves, a symbol of nature. The dragonfly takes flight, hovering in the air starting from the historic Tonutti brand, underlining our flair to always look up, respecting the environment. Tonutti Green wants to be the ideal solution for all those who wish to have sustainable packaging with eco-friendly labels.

Chi Siamo Sostenibilita Ambientale Tonutti Green
Chi Siamo Sostenibilita Sociale

Social sustainability: Community behind the label

The territory we work in and the organisations in it are important stakeholders for us, and we support them in different ways, aware of our significant social role. Every year, we support a wide range of third sector projects in the cultural and social field. For years we have financed the training of assistance dogs to help people with disabilities to become more independent.

Believing that every company should seek its own economic success, without ever failing in its inner social responsibility and environmental protection, we join the Animaimpresa association. It is a valuable reality, committed to the promotion and dissemination of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development.
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