The label as an added value

From the most prestigious wineries to contemporary large-scale distribution, the label is an irreplaceable means of communicating the most diverse messages: whether it is an ancient and unique tradition, or a corporate identity recognised all over the world. Our mission is to enhance this fundamental function with a sum of distinctive, multiple and decisive values. Creativity and quality, passion and technology, innovation and flexibility make us an international reference point in the sector and allow us to contribute to its evolution. With the energies of a modern company and the experience of a company specialised in labelling for three generations.

Wine Labels
Spirit Labels
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Oil Labels
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and Cosmetics Labels
Foodstuff Labels

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Technology and creativity

From the most classic to the most innovative processes, with the sole objective of excellence: it is precisely from this range of solutions that are so complex and complete that our company’s wealth of experience and its proactive strength emerge significantly.
Adhesive Labels
Paper and Glue Labels
Roll Fed Labels
Green Eco-friendly Labels
Anti-counterfeiting Labels
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“We strongly believe in sustainable development in all its forms:
ethical, social and environmental.
And we strive daily to ensure it.”
Tonutti Innovation Act
Establishing a challenging goal and not making do with,
trying to push ourselves further to always make it,
is the fuel that powers our work.

Happy Easter!

We wish a happy Easter to our customers, employees and suppliers. Unfortunately, the moment is not easy because we are forced to spend this festivity

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Distant but together

Distant because of the procedures implemented to deal with the covid-19 emergency but united to offer an excellent service to our customers. Our operators continue

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Safety measures to deal with Covid19

The #TonuttiTecnicheGraficheSpa  reorganizes itseld in order to offer employees a safe environment in which to operate and to continue providing regular service to its customers.