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Anti-counterfeiting labels: the technology of Tonutti Security

Counterfeiting is a very widespread current problem on the world economic stage, causing many problems for both the producer and the final consumer. The first can have serious economic repercussions, the second can have risks in terms of security. Counterfeiting is a plague that affects multiple markets, such as electronics, the pharmaceutical sector, beverage (wines and spirits) and luxury clothing.

To ensure the safety of the producer and the consumer at the same time, we provide a wide range of devices for anti-theft adhesive labels and anti-counterfeiting adhesive labels. Thanks to continuous innovation and the support of a highly specialised technical team, Tonutti Security is the ideal solution to protect your brand, guarantee the traceability of your product and consumer safety.

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Anti-counterfeiting UV varnish

We can apply UV varnish on labels, a particular material that can only be seen under a UV (ultraviolet) light source. This process is particularly effective in terms of anti-counterfeiting labels because it is perfect for reproducing holograms, logos or markings that are invisible to inexperienced eyes. In addition to safety-related purposes, UV varnishes can be used for creative purposes, for example with the printing of ironic details or to be discovered and thus involve the customer even before using the product.

Anti-theft labels

We can reproduce on the anti-theft adhesive labels of devices that protect the consumer while guaranteeing the uniqueness of the brand. They are made in such a way as to discourage the removal of the label which, if removed, breaks into many small fragments, showing the attempted break-in.

We can also pre-cut labels with cuts on the printed support that tear in the event of an illegal attempt to open.

We can protect the anti-theft labels with holographic applications that have three-dimensional luminescent effects. The hologram can be applied on the packaging as a simple adhesive label, on the adhesive label itself or on personalised hanging tags.

Anti-counterfeiting labels

Small devices can be introduced inside the anti-counterfeiting adhesive labels that increase their security, such as RFID Tags (electronic tags that can be read with special instruments). This technology allows identifying and attributing a unique identity to the product, guaranteeing its traceability throughout its life cycle.

We can also print safe and reliable QR Codes on the anti-counterfeiting adhesive labels which, scanned by a simple smartphone, can provide valuable information on the life of the product and its manufacturer as well as guaranteeing the traceability of the article itself.

DOT labels - Dream Original Tag

DOT is the innovative solution for product certification that conjugates their management, security and control, combining Blockchain technology with Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to the DOT device, each scanned label, provided with a unique unrepeatable code, will be geolocated, guaranteeing the supplier the traceability of the product and highlighting any cloning attempts in real time. With DOT marketing activities to increase consumer loyalty can also be implemented.

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Anti-counterfeiting labels ideal for those who want:

  • to protect their brand
  • to ensure consumer safety
  • to protect the products available for sale
  • to enhance information on the production chain
  • to insert traceability and trackability systems

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