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Environmental, ecological, social sustainability

At Tonutti we believe in sustainability. We are proud with every request for environmentally friendly labels from our customers for whom the specific Tonutti Green service is available, but above all we have developed a path that involves the entire company in all-round sustainability.

In addition to our proposals for green labels and paper, in fact, we follow a path of economic sustainability, founded on the Lean Organisation that began in 2013 with a corporate transformation, and we have consolidated social sustainability actions. In fact, we want to be an active part of the well-being of the territory in which we live, collaborating in third sector initiatives.

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Eco-friendly labels for green packaging

The eco-friendly label is an integral part of sustainable packaging. To make it greener we can:

  • Decrease the size
  • Reduce the thickness
  • Reduce the thickness of the liner or discard it
  • Reduce the use of foils in favour of eco-friendly ennobling (embossing, debossing, material coupling…)
  • Choosing green materials (paper, adhesive film, paints…)

Eco-friendly label consultancy

We provide a consultancy service to improve the sustainability of labels that takes into account the advice given above and combines it with our experience, our knowledge of suppliers, study and innovation capacity. The commitment to researching eco-friendly materials and environmentally friendly packaging solutions means that every customer that wishes to equip itself with eco-friendly packaging can find its ideal solution in Tonutti Green.

Green Paper

We offer our customers a wide range of eco-friendly paper so as to make a label ever greener. We evaluate each material together with our customer to understand which type of paper best meets the needs of the product on which the adhesive or Paper and Glue label will be applied. Among the various ecological materials we identify:

  • Paper produced with post-consumer (partially or wholly) recycled Fibres or deriving from products previously used by consumers
  • Paper produced with Alternative Fibres (cotton, bagasse, fabric…)
  • Paper with FSC Certification

Packaging with low environmental impact

We ship our products with sustainable solutions that reduce packaging and the related environmental impact by 100%. Every customer that really wants to commit to reducing the production of packaging, and consequently of waste, can find a shipping method that is green but at the same time safe and effective.

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Ask for the consultancy of one of our technicians

Create eco-friendly labels that respect the environment for your products. To do it better, our technical team is at your disposal. It is easy: fill out the form with the basic information on your project and we will contact you to discuss it together.

Tonutti Green eco-friendly labels ideal for:

  • those who want to equip themselves with eco-friendly packaging
  • those who want to respect the environment without compromising on quality
  • those who undertake a sustainability path
  • those who want to add value to their label
  • those who want to increase their brand reputation
  • those who want to do business in a responsible way to protect future generations

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