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Paper and Glue Labels: technology.

Paper and glue labels also known as Wet Glue are traditional labels. They are applied to the container, mainly in glass, thanks to a labelling machine that spreads a glue which is then activated through the water. They are printed in sheets, according to the direction of the paper fibre and packaged in bundles. This technology involves several steps: printing, varnishing and finishing (foils, embossments, hot gold …), resulting in any case economically convenient, therefore ideal for large runs and low-cost products.

The experience gained in over 75 years of activity, with the best offset machines on the market, makes Tonutti paper and glue labels highest quality products with the obvious advantages that we are going to list.

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Print on all sheet materials

The latest generation offset machine allows printing on any media weighing between 60 and 320 g.

Online varnishing

One-step application of UV and water-based varnish.

Finishing and ennobling

The machine allows embellishing the Paper and Glue labels with multiple processes such as embossing and hot gold foils, to make each label a unique and precious product.

Supply of printed or die-cut labels

Paper and glue labels are supplied, according to requirements, only printed or printed, die-cut and packaged in bundles.

Wide choice of paper

  • Traditional: Natural (Embossed, Ribbed, Cotton…), Coated, Metallised, Glossy
  • FSC (Forest Stewardship Council): paper from forests managed correctly and responsibly
  • Eco-friendly: recycled or made partially or entirely with alternative fibres to paper
  • Grease Proof: ideal for all foodstuffs subject to greasy or oily substance leaks, thanks to the stain-proof treatment that provides extra barrier protection
  • Barrier: guaranteed sealing in humid conditions and in contact with water
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Ask for a quote

Choose Tonutti high print quality. You will be satisfied! And you discover that the price is competitive and tailored to your needs. Fill out the form with the basic information on your project and one of our experts will contact you for a quote.

Paper and glue labels ideal for:

  • those who want low-cost products
  • those who want to have the containers recycled, given the ease of removing the labels

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