Innovation: ennobling

Multilayer labels

The creation of multilayer labels with the coupling of different materials, on the one hand, enhances the three-dimensional appearance of the label, giving it depth, and on the other hand it favours an interactive experience with the customer, called in first person to touch it, tear it or remove it. In this way, each label can become an equal but different product, unrepeatable in its uniqueness.

Produzione Innovazione Etichette Multistrato


We specialise in hot printing: a process that is obtained by transferring a film (foil) onto the label using a matrix (cliché). We have a wide range of glossy and satin hot foil colours, from gold to bronze, to silver, to an infinite variety of bright and pastel shades. We can print any type of foil and can also carry out very particular, thin and extremely small details. We guarantee high quality and millimetre precision. We also embellish the labels with cold gold foil.

Textile Gold

We can give the label an extremely elegant look thanks to the finishing in textile gold, better known as cast gold. The consistent thickness of printed gold makes the label a product of absolute value. We can perform processes with a very high definition of details to make each label unique and precious.


Extreme elegance can be given to the label thanks to embossing which, by using matrices and counter matrices, favours raising rather than sinking the paper with colourless images or motifs. The three-dimensional effect obtained and the alternation of plays of light and shadow make the label particularly refined. Embossing and debossing, or “breaking through” of the paper, embellish the label in an eco-sustainable way, without foils or inks.

Soft Touch effect

To favour a wonderful tactile experience is the purpose of soft touch plasticising, a process that enriches the label giving it a velvety, pleasant to the touch effect. In addition to the sensory effect, the film protects the label making it more durable over time.


We can make cutouts and perforations on the labels that allow glimpsing the contents of the bottle. Hence extremely original effects can be obtained, capable of shortening the distances between container and content. The perforations on the labels can be of any shape and size, to obtain a personalised and unique label.

Reverse print

Double-sided printing allows viewing the label on both sides. This technique is particularly effective on transparent bottles and invites the customer to consume the drink quickly to be able to read even more clearly what is written on the back of the label.

Micro Engravings

Thanks to micro-engravings made directly on the clichés we can transfer very minute graphic details on the foil first and then on the label, obtaining extraordinary, beautiful effects. The micro-engraving motifs have wefts with random or repeated patterns and can be customised with any logos or text. In addition to the wonderful graphic effect, micro-engravings are the ideal solution to create anti-counterfeiting holograms for the protection of brands.

Personalised ribbons

Do you already have in mind a shape for your adhesive label? You can give free rein to your imagination to make your product unique. We can punch even the most particular shapes in a personalised way, guaranteeing great attention to detail, because only an original label in shape and content strikes the consumer’s attention. Our technical team will help you choose the custom punch solution that best suits your needs.

Produzione Innovazione Metalli

Innovation: materials


The use of adhesive aluminium allows obtaining extremely valuable labels capable of capturing the customer’s attention and communicating an undisputed value. The material lends itself well to embossing to give greater three-dimensionality to the label.


For those who want to print labels on wood, we offer different variants of adhesive products such as cherry-coloured laminated wood. This type of almost artisanal processing allows creating exclusive labels of the highest quality. The wooden labels have an extraordinary visual impact and each is unique and one of a kind. Ideal for anyone who wants to emphasise the deep bond of their brand with nature.

Green Paper

To create increasingly eco-friendly labels, integral parts of sustainable packaging, we are committed to acting on their format, thickness, and choices of eco-friendly finishes. In addition, we select and offer a wide range of increasingly environmentally friendly paper, ideal for both adhesive labels or Paper and Glue labels.

Eco-friendly label consultancy

We provide a consultancy service to improve the sustainability of labels that takes into account the advice given above and combines it with our experience, our knowledge of suppliers, study and innovation capacity. The commitment to researching eco-friendly materials and environmentally friendly packaging solutions means that every customer that wishes to equip itself with eco-friendly packaging can find its ideal solution in Tonutti Green.

Innovation: inks and varnishes

Braille effect varnish

In printing labels, we can use thick paints, which can create a sort of embossing on the paper. The braille effect obtained gives the product a particular three-dimensionality, which is extremely pleasant to the touch.

Produzione Innovazione Inchiostri Vernici

Rock effect varnish

The rock effect varnish, made with pigments mixed within the varnish itself that simulate the stone particles, gives the label a unique tactile effect. The roughness of the rock is reproduced directly on the label. This particular process strikes the consumer’s sensitivity because it stimulates sight and touch in an intense and unforgettable multisensory experience.

Sand effect varnish

The sand effect varnish produces an effect like that of the rock effect varnish. In this case the granularity of the pigments introduced is less, aimed at reproducing that of the sand. The tactile experience produced is extremely refined and velvety.

Produzione Innovazione Etichette Anticontraffazione

Innovation: Tonutti Security

With our new Tonutti Security brand we offer specialised solutions to defend your brand and the customers affected by it from counterfeiting and theft. Therefore we offer solutions for labels with UV varnish, to reproduce consumer protection devices on anti-theft labels and to introduce small devices that increase the security of anti-counterfeiting labels.

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