Joy Resize

This year we have sponsored a very important project: always animal lovers, we have chosen to offer our contribution to support Joy’s training.

It is a labrador that for several months has been followed by the dog trainer Isabel Bulian to become a service dog. Joy has been prepared for interventions aimed to all subjects, able-bodied or people with physical / mental disabilities, who can benefit from the development of activities assisted by animals.

Here is the Labrador Retriever bred by Simone Comunetti, who was the protagonist of the ceremony in Castelbuono on 13th December. Joy, which was prepared in the first part of his journey by Isabel Bulian with the contribution of Tonutti Tecniche Grafiche SpA, flew with Isabel to Sicily a few weeks ago to then be entrusted to the boys in charge of the criminal justice system for the initiative “Insegnando si Impara – Learn while Teaching”. Joy will be involved in a very important project promoted by the municipality of Castelbuono, in which not only will provide assistance to a child with physical disability but will be involved also in other activities. 

We will continue to keep you updated.